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we have a developing story now from baltimore county that is having an impact on trains
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leaving union station here in washington d.c.. northbound and southbound trains are delayed because of a fatal accident involving a 14- year-old girl. investigators say that the train struck and killed the girl while she was on her way to school in middle river, baltimore county. at this point we are not sure how long the trains along the northeast corridor will be delayed. but stay tuned to 9 news now and we will have the latest information there president obama has summoned his top advisers to the white house. where he will outline sweeping new security measures at airports. after the foiled christmas day attack on an american jet bound for to detroit. joel brown has more. >> reporter: president obama will announce steps to strengthen airline security. he's called a meeting of his 20 top advisers at the white house to go over the new strategy. he wants to improve terror
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watch list systems and close information loopholes the the challenge is to make sure agencies are combining data so no one slips through the cracks. >> you always want to be in the business of prevention. not cleanup or consequence management. and databases help you do that. >> several new measures were implemented last week after a nigerian with ties to al-qaeda tried to blow up a plane over detroit on christmas day. the president already gotten a briefing from his national security advisers. he's looking to get out front on the issue now he's back from his vacation in hawaii. airport security in 14 countries are now patting down and doing full body screens on passengers heading to the u.s.. the obama administration says those countries have potential ties to terrorism. >> i think it is an inconvenience, but i think everyone understands the necessity of it. >> the president is making it clear he wants accountability at the top. but it remains to be seen if any of his top security officials will lose their job over the lapses that already
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put at least one flight in jeopardy. joel brown, cbs news, the white house there are renewed concerns about security at the white house. after new information about a third party crashing last year's state dinner. sources tell 9 news now, that he has been identified as carlos allen. allen is the local party promoter and he supposedly made it inside the dinner for the indian prime minister, along with the infamous salahis. the state department says allen arrived along with a delegation from india. >> there was a group that was under our responsibility that went from a local hotel to the white house. and there was a person who was not authorized to be in that group who inserted himself or herself into that group. >> we called allen for a comment, but he hung up without a comment. a federal appeals court in virginia has denied the appeal of september 11th conspirator
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moussaouii. he's currently serving life in prison for helping plan the attacks. sky 9 was over the scene of a school bus accident involving a 6-year-old boy. the bus and a car collided in front of rock creek forest elementary school in chevy chase, maryland. police say the boy was getting out of his father's car to go into the school when the crash happened. we have learned that his injuries are not serious, but police are investigating. well, the mike shanahan watch is on. within hours of jim zorn being fired, redskins brass was already in talks with former bronco head coach mike shanahan. alex trevino has more from redskins park in ashburn, virginia. mike shanahan has two super bowl rings with the denver broncos. he spent two years with the raiders. he's on the brink of accepting his third head coaching
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position if redskins owner dan snyder comes to an agreement and does it before another nfl team intercepts the leading prospect. the redskins have publicly admitted the franchise is taking an aggressive approach to turn the team around after a disappointing season, -- squeezing out only four victories. flying shanahan to the nation's capital in snyder's private jet signals that urgency and serious talk that must be in the works. general manager bruce allen declined to discuss zorn's likely successor when most new shanahan was already enroute to washington. allen did make it clear, they will bring in a true leader. >> we need to find the passionate coach, a winning coach, that come in and lead the men that were in this room earlier. >> he also said quote, what we're looking for in a head coach is somebody who can lead these men that we had in our locker room this year to levels they haven't played before. big changes are happening for the redskins. now everybody is just waiting to see if the ink will dry, and the redskins will make the announcement mike shanahan will be the next football coach.
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but that official announcement has yet to come. we're monitoring developments. from ashburn, alex trevino, 9 news now, and well, the red skins are preparing for their future coach, and putting the past behind them by helping the old coach move out of town. our cameras caught moving vans yesterday at jim zorn's house. workers spent about an hour hauling boxes. and zorn told peggy fox that he and his family are doing well and they are relying on their faith. the jim zorn firing has led to the retirement of an nfl coaching legend. redskins offensive line coach joe bugle has announced that he's retiring from the nfl. after 32 years, he's walking away this week. the team is planning to honor his career and you can follow developing redskins coaching saga any time by going to our web site, check out our sports page for
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skins unsensorred. with indepth blogs about the changes at redskins park. the wizards gilbert arenas now apologizes for the gun play inside a locker room at verizon center. arenas admits that he took out unloaded guns. he says it was part of a failed joke on a teammate. he did not specify the name of the teammate. the new york post reports that the gun play stemmed from arenas' losing $60,000 in a card game with his teammate javal mcgee. another teammate, javarus crittenton offered to front the money. and arenas says the gun joke came from when his leg was injured and crittenton offered to shoot him like an old horse. police are searching for clues after a double shooting that happened around 3:30 in
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the springdale area of prince georges county. there is no word on whether any arrests have been made. a local man accused of trying to become a super spy is due in court today. he has been identified as stewart novet. the 52-year-old nezet lived in chevy chase, maryland. prosecutor says he tried to pass off national secrets to israel. but before that could happen, he was arrested. nozet worked as a space station exploration scientist. last november, a judge ordered him held without bond, calling him a flight risk the woman charged with attempting to cut a homeless woman's baby from her womb is in court today. veronica darimus has been charged with attempted murder. police say that she met the victim at a shelter, and lured her to her apartment with baby clothes. tika adams escaped and delivered the baby unharmed
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layoff notices are going out to 678vdot workers. it is a final phase of cuts aimed at reducing a $4.6 billion short fall. there were two rounds of job cuts last year but they mostly involved unfilled positions. this round of reductions includes closing 15 residency offices. good. >> if you drive over the wilson bridge in the overnight hours, you may encounter backups for the next few weeks. on weeknights crews will be closing two lanes of the inner loop from the root one interchange to the eyesen our connect -- eisenhower connector. that means one lane of traffic from 8 north texas p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and deputies are searching for anyone who may have been victimized by a massage therapist. 39-year-old gabor adamavich has been charged with two counts of assault for allegedly touching two female clients inappropriately. the women say the assaults
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happened at the evian day spa in sterling virginia. police say that adamovich did not have the required license or certification to work in loudon county. certified massage therapists ann shashinge says she faults the business. >> they are there to protect their clients. just very upsetting that somebody can take advantage in this way. >> shshinga says masseuse certifications should be posted inside the spa still to come on 9 news now at noon, the smart phone wars are heating up. today google unveils its newest must have gadget. and find out why the frigid weather we're having isn't so bad when you compare it to other parts of the country. we will be back having a child with diabetes,
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new gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. this could be cool, the way we watch sports in america. our partners at u.s.a. today report that espn is going 3d. the sports network plans to launch a channel called espn 3d on june 11. and the first broadcast will be a world cup soccer match. 85 live sporting events are planned for 2010. to watch the live programming fans will need a more expensive 3d capable television set, and 3d glasses. they may also need a new set top box. it remains to be seen if you have to pay more for the channel. a big day for google. it is expected to unveil its
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new touch screen at the consumer electronics show. the phone is called the nexus 1. it is wider but slimmer than apple's iphone and faster than motorola's droid. the rumored price is $179.99, with a two-year t-mobile contract. those two technology developments, aren't they cool enough for you? how would you like to change the television channel with your brain? hitachi has reportedly developed a prototype remote control that lets you operate electronic devices telepathically. it features a head set that measures slight changes in blood flow in the brain, by scanning it with near infrared rays. hitachi hopes to have its brain- controlled remote on the market in three to four years. more signs that the washington region is the center
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of action for the defense industry. northup brumo announce it is moving from los angeles to our region by next year. northrup is looking for a site in maryland, virginia, or d.c. and plans to identify one by the spring. the pentagon contractor already has about 40,000 employees in the washington region. and about 300 -- employees will move with the new headquarters. next, howard and his forecast jc, it is cold now but more arctic air on the way and a clipper system as well. i will tell you about it when 9 news now returns. cycycyc;c;ckccoc/c/
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i talked about t# this morning. maybe not the manliest thing to be wearing mittens but as your fingers are together they warm each other. >> oh howard! >> versus having gloves your fingers work as independent contractorrers and not as effective. when it is really cold. i had the ear muffs on. i was only out there a minute. thanks mom. it is cold out there. will stay cold the next few days. before we get the next shot of cold air we will kind of creep up just a little bit over the next few days to the upper 30s possibly after seeing highs in the 20s. windchills in the singles. 39 seems warm but we have a snow flake coming in for thursday. that will be thursday night during the overnight expecting a clipper system. right now it looks like a minor event, but you know doesn't take much snow to mess up a
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rush hour by friday morning. so we will watch that. but again, this looks pretty minor. not a lot of moisture to work with. as far as the rest of the day, partly sunny, breezy, can't rule out a stray flurry. highs around 35, with a northwest wind at 10 to 20. windchills going to hold in the 20s for most of us. partly to mostly cloudy tonight. 22 to 27. and tomorrow, little change. partly sunny, breezy, cold. once again looking at highs in the middle 30s. we had some flurries earlier. lots of us saw them but right now skies have cleared out nicely. we still have snow in the mountains and we still have winter weather advisories up until wednesday morning for garrett county and much of eastern west virginia. outside right now a good deal of sunshine. a pretty afternoon. a cold one as well. we have 33 degrees here. it is also 30 in martinsburg and winchester. the warm spots down south and and fredericksburg at 35. when you factor in those winds that are still gusting over 20 miles an hour in spots most of the windchills now in the upper
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teens and low 20s, winchester feeling like 18. feels like 27 to our south for the warm spot in fredericksburg. andrews air force base your windchill only 21. and at the air park in montgomery county, windchill 18. so we have this arctic air. you can see it coming down here the pink area and the white really cold. kansas city 6. memphis, 21. atlanta is 5 degrees colder than we are right now. and they were fighting the cold down in the orange groves this morning. you will -- they will have to fight it a few more mornings before the week is up because another shot of arctic air is headed this way. we have snows with persistent northwest winds with us and the cold air, which is starting to see the beginning of a clipper system, that will be developing cold air comes down, this thing is going to ride this way. it just want to have moisture to work with. the gulf of mexico is not feeding into the system, like when we get a big snow around here. so i think right now, if i had to go out on a limb, thursday night into friday morning, you
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see snows persisting into the east. for this afternoon, still snows. and tomorrow afternoon little change. but there is the clipper system, by wednesday afternoon, approaching southwestern missouri and the arctic blast waiting to come in for friday, saturday, and sunday. here's our seven-day forecast. mid-to-upper 30s today, tomorrow and thursday. by thursday night, friday morning, we have a little bit of snow to deal with before the cold really comes back in a big way. highs friday, saturday, sunday, 20s to around 30 and monday could be a flurry then. jc, back to you. i saw that 57 degrees in miami! i love going on a vacation. if of course i love saving money. so ken bud the executive director of executive editor of aarp, the magazine, is here. he says you can get some good deals. do you not have to go to a travel agent. just get on that computer, right? >> right. there are so many great web sites out there. we kind of went through them all and narrowed them down to our top five. hank are the top ones. surprisingly twitter is a good place to find travel deals. you tend to think it is ashton
12:21 pm
kutcher telling you what he had for lunch. companies are on there. united airlines, jetblue, marriott. they are posting deals. but you have to act fast. sometimes they are only for two hours. >> they go and come. >> do you twitter? are you a twitter? >> i don't tweet. >> i'm sorry. >> i. >> we have to we keep up with the times. let's look at another site. what is that -- voyage -- >> >> they can't spell but they have got good deals -- last minute deals. trying to move unsold inventory. so, we went on there. we found tropicana hotel, vegas strip, $29 a night. >> that's a good deal. what about inside i don't know them. en of. >> an air fare site. there are a lot of those out there. what makes this different is they do quality factors such as amount of leg room, security you will hit at the airport. so once you book your flight, they give it a quality rating and you can up that rating and say hey, listen, i want a nonstop flight and it will help
12:22 pm
you chart that out. >> okay, bed and >> this is exactly what it sounds like. b & bs. they have a hot deals section. you can sign up for an weekly e- mail alert. you will get e-mails saying there are great deals this week in virginia, new york, wherever. we all know about trip advisor right. >> everyone knows it for the reviews. 25 million reviews for hotels and restaurants but a very good spot to book hotel rooms. to book air fare, and they have a fee calculator that will tell what you a flight really costs by the time they add in taxes and baggage fees. >> on the site sometimes they say you can do better rather than go to a hotel, get a rental. people don't think about that. >> they will calculate for you. you can sometimes save a couple hundred dollars by doing a vacation rental. you will have a lot more kitchen and other things that you might not have in a hotel. >> all right you should have your copy of aarp, the magazine. you are a member. are you 50 & and older? aarp. you get great information. ken, it is always nice to have you. >> great to be here.
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>> thank you so much. >> thank you. have a happy new year. all right. we're keeping an eyes on delays affecting trains heading north from d.c.'s union station. a child was struck in baltimore county. we will have more information at 5:00. go to our web site, have a great day ññ
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